Bill (BOSOX FAN) Gilman asks:

Hi Striper Mike,

I'm going to be in Plymouth Mass July19-22 visiting my Bro on vacation. He suggested we go striper fishing in a canal in Plymouth. He doesn't have much knowledge on the subject nor do I live in Portland Oregon and fish for Salmon and Steelhead. Would appreciate any tips on bait to use, line size, how to rig for bank angling. Thanks Mike. Tight Lines. Bill (BOSOX FAN) Gilman.

Ask-MikeStriper Mike's Answer:

hey thanks for the inquiry Bill.....sorry I was so dam late........ok READY????...number one. read the story....UNFISHABLE.....that is in surfcasting plugs and surfcasting rods and reels....I suspect you will have a blast catching fish on lures.poppers.etc.........go get um..Striper Mike...Remember ..go to the PLYMOUTH POWER PLANT and FISH THE JETTY