Cliff asks:

Striper Mike,

Recently the fish have been chasing large schools of fish and they are breaking the surface when chasing them. I kept using surface poppers but only had one strike after many casts.......Why?.....Cliff Holcomb.

Ask-MikeStriper Mike's Answer:

Hi Cliff....

thanks for the question....and a good one to beat!..Ironically my story this week ."SUBMISSION" has a major approach to catching big cows. It was here that I went from traditional big mackerel chunks for fall cows, to a very small piece of bait mixed with chum.....a 40" striper was my prize. The point of all this????? TRY ANOTHER WAY!..Those schools also came by me this past week. And believe it or not, my first lure of choice was also a surface popper. After 6 casts right into the school, I knew I had to TRY ANOTHER WAY and a went to a Hopkins, metal spoon, in hopes of imitating the bait they were chasing.....6 casts.....nothing!
In keeping with my theory, I ran to the box and put on a previously unsuccessful Rat L Trap that had a beautiful sheen to it and a rattle and swim pattern. I hooked up on the second cast and proceeded to catch 9 stripers in the mid twenty inch range. Not big, but the point was made clear. Give them what they want....not what you want ! always, Try Another Way.........Good Luck and please practice catch
and release.