Dave McKay asks:

Hey Striper Mike

I remember that last spring I had a very hard time catching the striped bass. I would get bites, but the fish was never there when I tried to set the hook. Was it crabs or real tiny ones?

Dave McKay

Ask-MikeStriper Mike's Answer:

Thanks for the email Dave... I have found that those bites are probably schoolie stripers. They may have some size, so don't fall asleep. What happens is that, assuming you are using bait, they suck the bait in and expel it out before you react. Be sure to hold the rod....use hooks as small as #4...and set the hook with your wrist on any feeling at all. Also, if the seas are calm, use a slip sinker rig and allow some slack. From that point on, WATCH THE SLACK LINE...if it begins to tighten at all....reel down and set the hook.