Hugh Lovell writes

Hi Striper Mike,

 just read your tips on striper bass fishing, please send me a lesson on the Palomar knot tying. Thanks, Hugh Lovell

Ask-MikeStriper Mike's Answer:

There you go picked a good knot!!

Palomar Knot use with HI-Tech Line. My favorite knot and one of the easiest to tie. If you use it consistently you will be able to tie it blindfolded. It is one of the recommended knots to use with hi-tech lines (Spectra┬ę and MicroDyneema┬«) for attaching terminal tackle and lures. Best of all it is rated as one of the strongest knots around.

1. Double about 4" to 5" of line and pass loop through eye.

2. Let hook hang loose and tie overhand knot in doubled line. Avoid twisting the lines and don't tighten knot.

3. Pull loop of line far enough to pass it over hook, swivel or lure. Make sure loop passes completely over this attachment.

4. Pull both tag end and standing line to tighten. Clip about 1/8".  Pictures to go with this on the day i get old