Jim McLaughlin writes:

Hello Striper Mike,

      I stumbled upon your web site yesterday. I love this site and love your passion. I have always wanted to be a surf caster, but living in Western Mass my opportunities are limited. I vacation on the cape every  year in Eastham and have tried to surf cast several times to no avail  until this year. On a Thursday night in mid July we headed to  coastguard beach around 7:00pm as the tide was coming in (high tide was  around 10:00). We were using live eels and sand eels. My buddy caught  a 27" on a live eel. None of us had ever caught anything surfcasting before never mind a striper. So you can imagine how excited we were.  About an hour later I hooked into a cow using a sand eel with a 5 ounce sinker. I had been using the sand spike and talking with my buddies  (after reading your site I know that this is not a good method). after  about 10 minutes I went over to check my line. I noticed that my rod had  been pulled to the ocean's edge. I thought that a wave had knocked it down. I quickly ran in to retrieve my rod and was shocked to discover  that I had a cow on the other end. It took me about 15 minutes to reel  him in but it was the most exciting 15 minutes of my life. I had never  experienced an adrenaline rush like that before. I was blown away at how big it was (41" 30lbs). I am sorry to say that I did not release him but after reading your web site I now know the importance of catch and release. So in the future, I will be releasing any fish I catch.

     This was my first striper and I am now hooked on surfcasting. I know I have alot to learn. My question to you is two fold. One - please send  me anything you can on surf casting for stripers or blues. I need to learn as much as I can. Your website has been a great learning experience so far. But anything else you can send me I would appreciate. Two - I live in western Mass ( I live in Longmeadow and work in Hartford). What are the best places for me to go for a day trip? CT, RI, Cape Cod? Could you please tell me some good spots. I am planning on going back to Coast Guard beach in early October as well. Any thing you can tell me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for creating a great web site and for sharing all of your experiences and tips. I will be looking forward to reading future stories on the web site. Maybe someday I will have the honor of meeting you on the beach and sharing your knowledge in person. But for know, I am going to learn as much about this sport as I can and go surfcasting as often as I can. And catch and release as many cows as I can.


  Jim McLaughlin

Ask-MikeStriper Mike's Answer:

 Hi Jim.

...sorry I am so late with this response...I have been surf casting...as you can well expect. Alot of great tips are in a book called Striper Surf by Frank Daiganault....the best books are found at thesurfcaster.com.......outlet for surfcasting only....get their catalog.....also.....a day trip for you would be best in RI....maybe east beach etc.......I am not incredibly familiar with the area.....heading toward me.....you might do best on the north shore......or fish the canal.....etc....your approach is a good one......find info......read it.....use it to your advantage......your ethics seem solid as a surfman......your skills will hone over time......good luck......and thanks for all the compliments.