John McKean writes:

Hey Mike, I caught your new article on "Strolling" today-sheer poetry!!! "Land trolling"-I loved that! Since I'm a longtime inland freshwater guy(altho the shores of lake Erie sure are like surf at times!), the concept of walking and casting is something I'm very familiar with, and enjoy. But when I started going to the Outer Banks several years ago, others discouraged me from the walking/casting I was doing-or, at least, tried to talk me out of it. They insisted that sitting with cut bait was the only way only one guy had me attentive to cut bait when he showed me a huge "secret", and PROVED that we could practically catch stripers at will with a chunk of tuna bloodline on our hooks!). But now you've put a name to strolling and given me a purpose in pursuing stripers next time I hit the Banks! I'm a walker anyway and Nags head has about 100 miles each way to walk! I should have followed my instincts to this several weeks ago when I was down-coulda given me the final recovery from my knee surgery last winter (lifting competition!)! Anyway,your story was on screen today when a new rod arrived UPS,so I couldn't sit here with that combined excitement-went strolling at a local trout lake despite the chill outside(wasn't actually fishing, just distance casting with the stingsilvers and bucktails I like to toss in the surf!). So,again,thanks for the thrill of reading,and today's exercise! Keep writing!! -John McKean

Ask-MikeStriper Mike's Answer:

Hi john.......your compliments made my day.....that's the whole reason why I write about my moments .in hopes of other anglers being able to relate to the the point where they can smell it.  Surfcasting .is the avenue to catch more than gives the angler the freedom of the shore and a chance to witness every second of the tides ebb and flow.  it offers you the simplicity of fishing instead of trying to keep up with the tech advances that will help the BOAT men ......more fish......gps....depth finder....etc.  I like the shore...........obviously!!...Happy Holidays.