Mike Schultz asks:

Hi Mike,

I e-mailed you last year when I found your site just to tell you how I came across Humarock beach and how much I enjoy and respect the place. I plan on putting most of my effort into fishing there this year because every time I walk the surf I feel like something is calling me. I know Humarock is special and really to believe that my fish of a lifetime is going to be caught and released at there. Are you into any fish there yet? I have caught hundreds of stripers my biggest from the surf is 37inches back when the limit was 36 inches. It may sound strange but in all of my years in the surf I have yet to run into a Bluefish blitz. I have only caught 1 bluefish from shore 3lbs. and in the canal. Any tips on increasing my chances to find big blues at humarock? Looking forward to hearing back from you and hope to maybe cross paths with you on my journey for that 50lber this season.

-Mike Schultz

Ask-MikeStriper Mike's Answer:

Hi Mike........this year is slow.... for huge ones....nice array of med size keeprs.28-32"....blues all over the place now....but they are also not the bulldozers from a real blitz.......keep trying and you'll lock up......read this months story...........its the key to getting big fish...........GOING A LOT..........good luck.