Nick asks:

Nick asks:

Hi Striper Mike, I want to buy a surf rod and I am wondering the best size for me?  Any suggestions, and I don't want to spend a fortune.  I think the site is super and congrats on that tuna fish.  I doubt if I could have got it in.


Ask-MikeStriper Mike's Answer:

Thanks for the compliments and the email Nick! That question has many components that you COULD use to determine your rod size.  Note I said could.  The questions are. where are you planning on fishing????.......and with what???? and how much weight??? ...and how big are you???? etc.  Or you can go spend 80-100$ on a 10 ft Ugly Stick and do pretty much what you want to. If you want a good will spend money on it....its worth it to me.........but is it to you? Good Luck

-Striper Mike