Phil Tutuska asks:

Striper Mike:

Do you ever use a bait casting (conventional reel) when you surf fish?  I have become interested in getting more distance in my casts.  The times when I could not reach the fish have been frustrating to me.  It seems that hardly anyone fishes this way anymore. Everyone uses spinning gear.  What do you think?...Phil Tutuska

Ask-MikeStriper Mike's Answer:

Well Phil,

I have and of course use on occasion, an ambassador 7000 and a custom rod for it.  Keep in mind that the world record holder for casting uses a spinning rod....that's a fact!.  But I will admit that I can throw my Gibbs further with the ambassador.  The reel is a bout 160 $ and I highly recommend it.  Put 25 or 30 lb test on it till you get used to no back lash.  The 20 lb is to easy to bird nest for beginners.  I also have a Penn squidder which was the surf casting reel of old fame.  They are still great if you know how to use it.  If not, try the new versions like the ambassador....they are more forgiving.