Ralph Cerr asks:

Hi Mike:

I keep being told different stories about which type of sinker I should use.  Should I use a pyramid sinker or a bank sinker.  By the looks of the fish in the pictures and because you talk about bait fishing allot, I will use the one that you use. thanks for the help

Ralph Cerr

Ask-MikeStriper Mike's Answer:

Hello Ralph....I am sad to say...you will get alot of info in my answer to you...but you will not get an answer to the "which one do I use" question.......Because you should have both available...and choose on that day. Now ...how to choose and why. Always think of the least amount of weight and the least amount of resistance you will need that day under those conditions etc. Windy with surf....pyramid sinker..2-4 oz......calmer days with suttle breeze.....bank sinkers..as light as possible to hold the bait in place.  These fish are wary enough...why provide another means for them to detect resistance.......and you!!!........goodluck.