Susan asks:

Dear Striper Mike, I stayed up late reading your complied web site postings.  Thank you for sharing it with me.  I'll visit you there often from now on!  The story of "Philip" was wonderful. And, much as I hate to be cold I loved the ice fishing piece..."Black Ice".  The 'Bluefish on TV" story was terrifying.  I have some favorite quotes." Fish don't fly and birds don't swim".  "So much happens if you are there to see it".." Planning and opportunity =luck"  Again, thank you for sharing your wisdom and your love of what you do.  We are all lucky to know you.. Susan Demelle..Humarock Mass.

Ask-MikeStriper Mike's Answer:


Dear Susan, I am humbled by your kind words and am so glad that you enjoy the sagas of this zesty life style.  Please stay in touch and tell me of  any Humarock "Ditties" that may come your way.......utmost sincerity. Striper Mike