Blackened Striped Bass

Heat up your favorite cast-iron skillet and season your fillets...   We like Cajun seasoning or Cavender's Greek seasoning, or lemon pepper, but use what you like...  Melt a couple tbsp butter (optional) in skillet and add enough cooking oil to cover bottom of the pan...  When the skillet begins to smoke a little, add the fillets and pester them while they sizzle so they won't stick...     As they reach whatever degree of blackness or brownness you like, flip 'em over and do the same on the other side...  Some folks like to add picante sauce to the final stages of this for something different.

The smoke can be somewhat intense. This will probably smoke up your kitchen something awful!  Do it outside if possible.  Or you can opt for lower heat and add some garlic, or Italian salad dressing for another flavor altogether......I even add Tabasco, but I like it very spicy....enjoy.