"Dip-It" Deep Fried Striper

The recipe for this months edition, is one that has gained fame over the course of the last few years.  A brief history goes like this......Once upon a time there was a surfcaster that would occasionally keep huge bass that he landed ......this was always because the fish fought valiantly and sustained injury that may have put her at risk if she was released.  What to do with this huge fish?????  I know, said the surfcaster..I will give it as a donation to the brave members of the Boston Fire Dept and they will enjoy the bounty of their local waters .  and so he did!!!!!  And the firemen smiled!!!  And the firemen ate!!!!   And the firemen ate more!!!!!...and smiled more...and then the surfcaster smiled also!!  Now the crux of this tale is that there was an Irish member of this brave fireman clan, who deemed himself the STRIPER COOK.  And all the other firemen agreed....yes let Jim be the STRIPER COOK.  And so he was!!!  Now the surfcaster has done this tradition for 3 years in a row and I am sure will follow the memory of last years with a new feast this year.........and in the course of the 3 years the Irish Striper Cook used his famous, now renowned batter mix for his cubed , deep fried , striper.    YUMMMMM.  Now here is where the excitement comes in.. The surfcaster dared called the Irish Striper Cook and said..Would you please give me the now famous batter recipe for my humble striper site.?  And waiting, pencil in hand, I heard................."Dip-it"........Yes I know to dip it, but what are the secret ingredients????.....And in Irish Firemen Jim's monotone voice , he said"The stuff is DIP-IT, I buy it in the store ....ITS PISSA"..so here it is in all its glory, The famous batter recipe for Striped Bass cubes.


1. DIP-IT......sold everywhere!