Dear Striper Mike - from Darren

Hi Striper Mike.

     00-dearmike3You seem like a rough and tumble kind of guy so I thought I would tell you a saga that some Rhode island boys had, while surfcasting the mighty Atlantic.  I am sure you wont mind if I don't tell you exactly where this happened , Cuz regardless of how this seems I  still like the spot.  Norm and I only had a few hours to fish the whole weekend and this was June so we were sadly disappointed.  To make matter worse the only time we had was in  day light and at the time when the tide was heading towards low.  As you know, any fishing is better than no fishing so we wadered up and headed down.  Our spot is rocks.  I know your a sand bar man, at least it seems so, but we are rock guys herein Rhode island.  Stripers like rocks, so we fish them. When we got to our surf spot, the tide was as low as I have ever fished it...we saw some birds working and decided to plug for a bit.  The rocks were very slick at this low tide period and we were slow moving within them.  we each got a good foot hold and started to sail our Gibbs.  Right when my shoulder was getting weary, I hooked up to a decent fish.  When I set the hook I slipped on the rock and fell on my back , while whip lashing my head on the rock.  I slid like an eel into the water.............out cold!  I came to very quickly and still had my hand on the rod.  I was in about 6 ft of water and was getting pounded on the rocks and barnacles with each wave.  I hope you suggest wearing a belt when wading, cuz my waders were full in a second.  By now norm was on the rock above me handing the butt of his rod down for me to grab.  I unsnapped the waders , grabbed the rock., and pulled myself out of them and onto the rock.  It was very difficult getting myself out of the full waders. I was ok.  My hands and arms were a bloody mess from the slide down the barnacles.  I had a gash in the back of my head.  and below me were the waders, on the bottom of that hole and my Loomis pinned against the boulders. You are right Mike.......we are cowboys of the surf, I gathered myself..............jumped into the hole again and got the waders and the rod and reel.................and a 29" striper.  Tight lines cowboy