Dear Striper Mike - from Tommy

Hello there Striper Mike,

00-dearmike2My name is Tom and by now you know who I am ..........I came over and introduced myself to you   I rent over on Oliver Street.  I am dying to tell you this story I had happen when I went surfcasting on Humarock .  I think it may have been my first time.  A couple days before my fishing story I saw you catch some beautiful stripers.  I watched your routine and it seemed simple enough for me to try it. I got some equipment and decided to give it a try. I went down to the same area you went to.  I put the sand spike in like you did.  I cast the bait and weight about as far as you did.  I put the rod in the sand spike, just like you did.  and then I went to cut some old bait for chum,  just like you did.  I think I heard the rod before I saw it.  It made a swooshing sound as it bent back and forth , two very extreme times.  On the second bend it snapped out of the sand spike and shot into the ocean like a javelin.  I stared at this in disbelief, but sure enough , my rod was gone.  I ran into the water. and believe it or not I felt around and found it.  I reeled in, the best I could with all the sand, and caught  a huge bluefish  But at that time I thought it was a striper.  I grabbed the fish by the gill and ran to the house to show my catch.  God was with me, I still have all my fingers.  The rod and reel were a total mess.  Since that time, we have fished together, but I thought I would save this beauty as a letter to Striper Mike. 

see you soon..........Tommy